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Kiwitaxi shuttles are the cheapest way to get Lao Cai Hanoi for one passenger.

Seat in a tourist Kiwitaxi shuttle

Duration: ~4h 15min   Show the return transfer
Higer bus, Iveco, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo shuttle bus

A seat in the tourist bus to the hotel or airport. Shuttle collects passengers from different flights and takes them to hotels within the city center. Maximum waiting time is equal 60 minutes. Show more

1 passenger 1 bag ~ 30 min of waiting
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Customer reviews of Kiwitaxi
Der Fahrer war da, war freundlich, und hat uns zügig in einem anständigen Wagen zum Hotel gefahren. Alles super. Sein Englisch war nicht so toll, brauchte es aber auch nicht sein.
Noi Bai Airport Hanoi - Hanoi
11.09.2017, Minivan 4pax
Exactement comme prévu à la réservation. Excellente prestation.
Charles De la biche
Noi Bai Airport Hanoi - Hanoi
07.04.2017, Micro
Driver picked me up at the airport and brought me to my destination safely (Nghi Son approx. 4 hours driving). Next time I would book the taxi via kiwitaxi again.
Noi Bai Airport Hanoi - Thanh Hoa
19.09.2016, Economy

Why do tourists choose buses and shuttle buses to get Lao Cai Hanoi

This route is popular among both tourists and the locals of Vietnam, and is operated by many types of public transport. Buses and tourist shuttles are the good option for those who are travelling alone or with a friend, for young people, who feel familiar with the country and speak its language as well as for those who would like to reduce the costs of their holiday.

Buses and shuttles vs. other types of public transport

The cheapest variant. Moneywise, a bus ride is either equal to other types of public transport (for example, suburban train), or 5–15% cheaper than any of these options.

Easy to change. A bus brings you to the stop, from which it is easy to get to your destination: in case of a tourist shuttle, it might even bring you to your hotel. Regular buses start off from the large transport hubs, heading to the most popular directions, and run through the central districts of the neighbouring towns and resorts. For example, the bus from the airport stops at the stop from which it is easy to get to your destination with maximum one change. Kiwitaxi tourist shuttles bring tourists to their holiday destinations, and not just drop them in the city center.

A small excursion during the trip. Buses go slowly and make stops. On some tourist shuttles there are attendants, who help pass the time by telling about the sights.

Disadvantages of buses compared to other types of public transport

Full in rush-hour. Buses are the most available variant, and most of tourists, who are not ready to spend money on taxi, use it. You are likely to travel with your luggage on your knees or even standing. Group shuttles are filled up evenly, so the lack of seats is almost impossible. However, there might be not enough room for the baggage.

Tickets are not always available. The reason is the same — buses in Vietnam are a popular type of transport, so the tickets should be bought in advance as there might not be any on site.


Booking tickets for Kiwitaxi shuttles Lao Cai in advance, you eliminate both disadvantages of buses.