Shuttles ​from Malpensa Airport Milan to San Remo

The capacity of each vehicle type was limited by government in Italy according to COVID-19 restrictions. Please contact our support team for further consultation when you make your booking. В пути: ~3h 20min   Показать обратный

%N% пассажир|%N% пассажира|%N% пассажиров %N% багажное место|%N% багажных места|%N% багажных мест ~ 30 min of waiting (up to 2 hrs)
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Отзывы клиентов Кивитакси
the driver was perfect, open and honest, he was very attentive and very patient with us and the traffic. A big compliment to the driver and a big thanks. We are where happy and we will certainly repeat this driving experience. Thanks Kiwitaxi thanks... :-)
Antonio Gatti-Schuler
Malpensa Airport Milan - Minusio
07.03.2021, Minibus 7pax
The driver was on time. He was easy to find. He was very helpful with the bags both at pickup and the destination. He knew where he was going and the vehicle was more than adequate for 4 people. What more could we ask for, very pleasant experience overall.
Diane Sandrejko
Malpensa Airport Milan - Milan
09.02.2020, Minivan 4pax
Поездка прошла великолепно! Водитель встретил у выхода с табличкой, помог с багажом. Во время самой поездки рассказал о том какие места стоит посетить в Милане. Очень тактичный. Доехали быстро и комфортно.
Malpensa Airport Milan - Milan
15.11.2018, Comfort