Shuttles ​from Taormina to Catania Airport

No caminho: ~45min   Mostrar o reverso

%N% passageiro|%N% passageiro|%N% passageiros %N% bagageira o local|%N% itens de ponto|%N% compartimento de bagagem lugares ~ 30 min of waiting (up to 2 hrs)

A alternativa de um ônibus turístico Taormina → Catania Airport

Acessível por rota "Taormina→Catania Airport" pode ser também a economia de táxi Кивитакси (para famílias ou grupos de até quatro pessoas) ou num mini-bus (para os grupos de sete a dezenove pessoas).
Transfers de carro de passageiro
Transfers de micro-ônibus confortaveis
Comentários de clientes Кивитакси
Большое спасибо за пунктуальность. И за своевременные напоминания о предстоящих трансферах. В отпуске это не лишнее.
Ekaterina Kosova
Taormina - Catania Airport
27.07.2017, Economy
Driver was yet again on time. We were 10 min late but he was very understanding and it was not a problem at all. He was very chatty and explained a lot about Sicilian food, way of life here and about the different towns/cities on the island.
Nicklas Pedersen
Taormina - Catania Airport
18.06.2017, Comfort
Everything went well. The driver knew which routes to take to get us to our destination in a timely manner. He was very courteous. He arrived early and was ready to leave as soon as we were.
Curtis Gomez
Taormina - Catania Airport
10.08.2016, Comfort